The Fountain Inn
TR20 8QH

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~ Traditional  1750’s Ale & Cider House ~

Tel : 01736 332590

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We have gone out of our way to offer a different pub experience to others in the area by serving ‘Ales’ straight from the barrel. These are displayed behind the bar in full view as are the ciders which are poured straight to your glass.

As we are a “Free House” we prefer not to purchase from major breweries but patronise the local micro breweries that produce such stunning ales. Most of our range of ciders also come from West Country Producers too.

History of the Inn

It is Grade II listed building with its oldest part nearest the road being a cottage dating back to 1750.

In the early 19th century it became “The Newbridge Inn” with it first recorded publican in 1841. When aged 30, Thomas Hardy took over in 1891 the name was changed to ”The Fountain Inn”, but the reason for this is not known.

The inn is full of character, with granite and exposed beans, even the old coffin hatch can still be seen to this day!

About Us

Pete is a Derbyshire man born and bred and Jennifer grew in Sussex, since first meeting in Stafford we have become engaged. Pete has over 30 years of landlord experience behind him and Jennifer has 35 years in the hotel and holiday trade.

So we decided to combine our skills and look for an “Olde Worlde Pub” we could call our own. Luckily we found the Fountain Inn, it has taken nearly a year of hard slog to refurbish and reopen it, but we are thrilled with the outcome!